Thank you for your kindness and help during 2019, it has made an immense difference to our lives and has enabled us to look forward to a sustainable future together as partners.
A + N ·
Richard and Jill’s work enabled me to be more authentically myself and from that basis connect and communicate with greater depth and awareness.  
Ute H ·
Compassionate communication as facilitated by Jill and Richard allows me to recollect and live from my best most loving self.  
Richard B ·
A deeper understanding of yourself, a more confident and positive attitude towards all relationships in your life, a (re)kindled passion for life itself. I achieved all the above through my work with Jill and Richard. Above all, I had the chance to build extraordinary connections with some of the most loving and special people I know in life.  
Chao W ·
Compassionate communication is totally congruent with my values. It resonates deeply with life and has given me the tools to heal both myself and in turn my relationships. It is this inner work first that has been the key to a more satisfying relationship with life as it is right now, and with the unknown yet to come.  
Lindsay ·
I have been coming to workshops with Jill and Richard for three years. It has been a journey of exploration, searching for the meaning of life, understanding what it means to be human, being more peaceful and at ease in this world and most importantly finding a way home to myself. Deeply connecting with my inner world and the source of life, God.
Henrike W ·
Working with compassionate communication has helped me develop a better understanding of myself and to be more confident with my emotions. I feel calmer and better able to deepen relationships as a result.  
Simon S ·
These two days were a beautiful gift to give to myself to really listen deeply to myself and connect to my heart.
Cassandra, London ·
This has really opened my eyes to how I am repeating the same pattern over and over and given me a wonderful sense of hope about how to stop that and communicate with more compassion and thought
The weekend has been deeply inspiring and affirming. To be in a context where people are willing look beyond their defences and share their longings is amazing. It really did reveal, and allow me to connect to, the beauty I suspected is there in everyone.
Nichola M ·