Counselling sessions are offered to individuals or couples to address specific personal and relationship issues. It is generally recommended that a set of at least four 50 minute sessions is undertaken.

Post-Workshop Support

After an introductory or other workshop some individuals find it helpful to have an opportunity to explore in one or more individual sessions aspects of nonviolent communication particularly relevant in their lives. These 50 minute sessions offer an opportunity to focus on what matters most to you, and how to bring nonviolent communication more actively into your life.

Spiritual Guidance

Compassionate or nonviolent communication leads you deeply into yourself. Its outward manifestation in relationship with others is no more than a reflection of an inner development that gives rise to questions about who we are and our meaning and purpose in life. One-off or sustained one-to-one spiritual guidance sessions are offered to those drawn to explore more deeply.

Richard Broadbent

Richard has worked with people all his life in a broad range of management and leadership roles, often under intense or challenging circumstances. The depth and breadth of his experience is matched by his unwavering commitment to inner life. He offers an empathic, insightful presence which draws out and supports what truly matters in any situation.

Richard’s spiritual life has been an important part of his work teaching and developing NVC and he continues to support groups and individuals seeking a spiritual path. Richard is an alumni of The Living School for Christian Contemplation.

Jill Broadbent

Jill brings a genuine and warm presence to her work with people. Many of the relationship challenges we struggle with as human beings are similar, Jill brings warmth and a lightness of touch to uncovering the roots of these struggles and finding a way forward. Seemingly intractable situations can begin to change with empathic understanding, insightful role play and compassion for hurt places. Jill has worked with many people to transform their relationship with others and themselves.

As well as her work with Compassionate Communication Jill has worked as an oral surgeon for many years. She is also a qualified mediator. The spiritual dimension plays an important part in all her work.

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