Centre for Compassionate Communication

Richard and Jill founded the Centre over ten years ago out of a wish to share what has been of value in their own lives. Since then, over a thousand people have attended their workshops. They continue to develop their own unique understanding of nonviolent communication, which they prefer to call compassionate communication.

Over the years Jill and Richard have developed multiple courses and workshops, published several books about nonviolent communication and attracted a substantial group of regular participants and supporters.

Richard and Jill lay great store on experiential learning, working with practical examples drawn from real life, including their own. They lead most workshops jointly which are generally kept to 12-14 participants to ensure engagement and connection.

They have a particular focus on the spiritual aspect of NVC and have led many workshops in Buddhist and Christian contexts, the language of compassion bridging all spiritual traditions. They have also worked with residential communities, schools, psychotherapists, healthcare settings and groups of friends. They bring a depth as well as light heartedness to their workshops.


Richard and Jill met and trained with Marshall Rosenberg over 20 years ago, and subsequently trained with Robert Gonzales who many regard as the leading exponent of the energetic quality of Marshalls work. After some years co-training with Robert, including on his LIFE program, Jill and Richard set up the Centre for Compassionate Communication in 2009 to develop their own distinctive style of sharing nonviolent communication.

Richard and Jill create a safe and creative space where it is possible to discover the potential and joys of communicating from the heart as well the risks and challenges that brings. There is no area in life that will not be touched by this, be it professional life or personal relationships.

Their passion is to bring peace and blessing to the world through the practice of Compassionate Communication.

Richard has extensive experience in managing large organisations and Jill has worked for most of her life as an oral surgeon. Together they bring a special combination of clarity and warmth.

Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg was the originator of nonviolent or compassionate communication and founder in 1984 of The Centre for Nonviolent Communication. He initially studied clinical psychology and developed his work in nonviolent communication during the 1980’s.

Nonviolent Communication has come to be seen as a powerful tool for peacefully resolving differences and supporting relationship at personal, professional, and social levels. Marshall himself described how nonviolent communication “evolved out of my practice with people who were hurting, and experimenting with what might be of value to them.”

Marshall taught nonviolent communication in many countries, travelling tirelessly until the end of his life to share his inspiring vision. Marshall died in 2015 but the Centre for Nonviolent Communication continues his work.

Marshall Rosenberg

Robert Gonzales

Robert Gonzales met Marshall Rosenberg in 1985 and is the past President of the board of directors for the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. His original training was as a psychotherapist.

Robert has been developing and teaching his powerful interpretation of Nonviolent Communication since 1986. His passion is in the spirituality of compassionate communication. He sees compassionate communication both as a process that helps us connect more authentically with ourselves and others, and as a spiritual practice and a way of living.

He established the Centre for Living Compassion in Portland, Oregon in 2010 Prescott Centre for Nonviolent Communication and continues ro offer trainings worldwide including his well-known two year LIFE programme in Europe. He is also one of the co-founders of the NVC Training Institute, a team of NVC trainers who offer in-depth and continuing NVC training in the United States and Europe.